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Group size and staff-to-child ratios are among the most significant factors in creating a high quality early childhood program.  The staff to child ratios will be lower than that of the maximum number allowed by the State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services licensing requirements.  When KCCOH is eligible to apply for accreditation distinction, the ratios will be based on the recommended numbers set by the NAEYC:

      For the 2-year old program, the group size is 12 with a teacher-child ratio of 1:6.

      For the 3-year old program, the group size is 17 with a teacher-child ratio of 1:8.

      For the 4-year old program, the group size is 20 with a teacher-child ratio of 1:10

The classrooms and playground of KCCOH will be composed of several different spaces for learning --- spaces for specific activities and curriculum learning centers.  A balance of activities will best meet the needs of young children.  Experiences and opportunities are planned in different areas to offer your child the opportunity to develop a wide variety of concepts and skills.

Children are trusted and given opportunities to make decisions for themselves by making their own choices from various centers.  By choosing activities that are of interest to them, they meet their own needs, become more self-directed and develop feelings of confidence, responsibility and creativity.  The use of learning centers allows children to advance through varying developmental levels.

Writing and Drawing:  Develops and refines fine motor skills; provides experiences in manipulating various implements; enhances appreciation and understanding of communicating through drawing and the written language.

Manipulative Games/Toys:  Develops small muscle control; refines visual perception skills; enhances imaginative, cooperative, and constructive play.

Art:  Develops freedom of creative expression in design, form, color, and dimension; focuses on the process of the activity, not the final product; develops and refines small motor skills.

Computer:  Provides the opportunity to interact and become familiar with the computer software to explore options, make choices, and imagine outcomes.

Science:  Creates awareness and develops inquiry and problem solving skills (i.e., observing, exploring, experimenting, concluding and validating).

Hollow and Unit Blocks:  Develops imaginative, constructive play; builds muscle coordination; develops spatial relationships; provides opportunities for problem solving and role-playing.

Library:  Develops appreciation of, respect for, and enjoyment of books and literature; enhances the awareness and understanding of the written language and reading.

Workjobs (Definition):  Individual tasks that focus on concept skills within specific curriculum areas.  Example:  Language Arts enhances vocabulary, visual discrimination, sequencing and memory.  Math develops competency in one-to-one correspondences, sorting and classifying by various attributes, recognizing shapes; developing number concepts and relationships.

Listening Center:  Develops auditory skills; provides opportunities for the enjoyment of music, songs and visualization of stories.

Music:  Provides opportunities for exploration and understanding of music concepts, and encourages an appreciation for music.

Nutrition and Cooking:  Develops healthy nutrition habits; develops awareness of food in its initial form and the stages of preparation before eating; uses math concepts such as numbers, measurements and comparison.

Dramatic Play/Home Area:  Provides opportunities for role-playing, dramatization, cooperative social interactions, and problem-imagination solving.

Outdoors/Field Trip Excursions:  Provides opportunities for large and small muscle coordination; enhances social interactions, problem solving and acceptance of others; encourages the exploration and appreciation of the environment.

Parents/Guardians are welcome, encouraged to visit, observe, and participate in your childs day and other activities.  There are many ways to support and be involved at KCCOH through fundraisers, parent nights, parent groups, etc.  Once your child is a part of KCCOH, truly consider this school yours.  We highly encourage and parent recommendations/comments to make KCCOH the best preschool for all of our young ones!